Gener-Ox™ Company Biography

The Gener-Ox™ management team of Dick Handley and Joseph Hennessy offer well over 60 years of experience in water and wastewater treatment, with the majority of time spent working in the municipal and industrial food processing wastewater industry. Together they also have a strong desire to minimize the use of dangerous chemicals, instead employing only environmentally-friendly products when appropriate. Therefore, the Gener-Ox™ concept for odor and corrosion control fell directly in line with their philosophy. There now are numerous food processing wastewater plants throughout the Pacific Northwest that utilize chemical-free Gener-Ox™ systems protecting their crop circles from odor and corrosion.

We didn't feel it made sense to replace the use of an odor control chemical such as Bioxide (Nitrate salt) or an iron salt with the purchase of a different chemical, such as Liquid Oxygen (LOX). Therefore, IER's Gener-Ox™ and Odor-Ox systems employ on-site generated oxygen & ozone. For this reason, Gener-Ox™ added a prominent experienced expert in the field of on-site generated oxygen. Through the addition of Joe Hennessy, IER has added 25 years of experience in the design, operation, and maintenance of on-site oxygen concentrators. Joe lives in Washington State and covers sales and service throughout the United States.

From our industrial oxygenation experience, Gener-Ox™ has rapidly grown into the collection system market, where there is a growing awareness of the need for more cost-effective odor and corrosion control technologies. While getting familiar with this market, we discovered that many city and county utility districts have extremely high annual budgets for odor and corrosion control chemical treatment. Through the application of Gener-Ox™ and Odor-Ox, Gener-Ox™ has helped these organizations substantially reduce their dependency on chemicals while saving hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. With the Gener-Ox team of wastewater and oxygenation experts, Gener-Ox is ideally positioned to handle odor and corrosion control projects as they develop throughout the US.


Gener-Ox™ is a proud distributor of innovative environmentally-friendly technologies for:

- Chemical-Free odor control for municipal lift stations, land application systems, aerobic digesters, and lagoons in LIQUID PHASE

- Chemical-Free odor control for municipal lift stations to replace filtration (Carbon, etc.) in GAS PHASE

- Extremely low-energy method to generate high concentrations of dissolved oxygen in water

- Advanced Oxidation Technologies:

• Gener-Ox G-DAF Air Flotation with maximized dry float solids
• Advanced Oxidation Chemistries With Ozone Gas - H202
• Soluble BOD Removal
• MBBR for BOD & TKN Removal
• Low-cost & low-energy Dissolved Air Flotation equipment
• Process water recycle/reuse Technologies

- Aeration systems for FOG removal using either air or ozone

About Gener-Ox™

The Gener-Ox™ history stems from our working with municipal and industrial facilities to address the need for chemical free odor and corrosion control in sewage collection systems as well as extended food processing waste water distribution lines feeding land application sites.

G-DAF Micro-Aeration

The G–DAF system is the latest technological advancement in Dissolved Air Flotation processes. The process involves the use of a patented micro-bubble aeration pump with a specially designed impeller coupled with a proprietary lateral diffuser system.

Case Histories

IER's Owner, Dick Handley, and Joe Hennessy have a combined 75 years of experience in water and wastewater treatment.

Gener-Ox™ Products
The basic function of the Gener-Ox™ system is to convert the anaerobic biology of a pressurized force main into a strongly aerobic biological environment.


Gener-Ox™, Inc. was formed for the simple purpose of developing chemical-free technologies to minimize the occurrence of odor and corrosion in wastewater lines, pump stations, collection systems, and land application systems.

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