Gener-Ox™ provides diagnostic and repair services for all your on-site oxygen needs. We have in-house specialists to perform repairs on AirSep Topaz, Topaz Plus, and Topaz Ultra, as well as Onyx, Onyx Plus, and Onyx Ultra oxygen concentrators. Simply box and send your unit to our select locations and a highly qualified service Gener-Ox™ technician will rapidly diagnose, clean, and repair your oxygen system to ensure your unit is ready for many years of reliable operation.

About Gener-Ox™

The Gener-Ox™ history stems from our working with municipal and industrial facilities to address the need for chemical free odor and corrosion control in sewage collection systems as well as extended food processing waste water distribution lines feeding land application sites.

Case Histories

IER's Owner, Dick Handley, and Joe Hennessy have a combined 75 years of experience in water and wastewater treatment.

Gener-Ox™ Products
The basic function of the Gener-Ox™ system is to convert the anaerobic biology of a pressurized force main into a strongly aerobic biological environment.

We also have technicians that will travel to your facility for on-site service of larger oxygen concentration systems.

You can reach our service department by phone at (509) 885-3992 and by email at Jhennessy@gener-ox.com, or dhandley@gener-ox.com.

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