The Grease-Ox delivery and Ultraviolet Ozone (UV Ozone) with Hydroxyl free radicals for advanced remediations for Odor, Corrosion, and F.O.G control within the wastewater industry.

The Grease-Ox Digester is a state-of-the-art pretreatment system for wet wells and lift stations that injects air through a specially designed air manifold system constructed of heavy-duty non-corrosive material. As the air travels up and through the digester cylinder, a void is created. With this Venturi effect, solids are pulled in through the bottom of the digester. As the Venturi effect pulls solids up to 35 feet per second the solids are immediately broken down upon contact with the stationary ridges on top of the digester into micro-fine particulates. Once mechanically broken down the increase in dissolved oxygen combined with the micro particulates creates the perfect food source for advanced bacterial degradation. Ozone can also be injected in this cylinder, which further facilitates the digestion process of raw sewage before it enters the wastewater plant. This is a three-step process:

Chemical Digestion

We recycle the existing cleaning chemicals found in grease traps and lift stations such as soaps, detergents, degreasers, stain removal solvents, drain cleaners, fabric softeners and all of the other household cleaners that are discarded down the drain every day. Once discarded, these unused household chemicals become stratified or separated in the water column within the lift station and have little to no effect in the digestion process. We have a unique way of blending all of these existing chemicals/components together to further break down the F.O.G. deposits and other matting which commonly occurs in lift stations. This is one of the key components of our Green Technology, recycling discarded chemicals. It is estimated that the chemical digestion accounts for 20 to 25% of the digestion process that will be occurring in the lift station after the Digester is installed.

Mechanical Digestion

The mechanical process works by continuously moving and impacting the solids against the stationary ridges at speeds up to 35 feet per second, and accounts for approximately 70% of the digestion process.

Biological Digestion

The biological digestion process is greatly enhanced by increasing the dissolved oxygen levels and creating a bio-soluble food source in which the bacteria can quickly and easily consume. Aerobic bacteria become highly stimulated and go on a feeding frenzy, reducing the BOD and COD levels by up to 70%. The biological enhancement accounts for up to 10 to 15% of the degradation & digestive process. This entire pretreatment process also reduced odor (H2S) by up to 80%.

Adding UV

Anywhere water is contaminated with unwanted chemicals, bacteria, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, ammonia, Hydrogen sulfides, and many other contaminates, the Advanced UV Ozone delivery System can help solve these issues.

The unique features of this new technology evolves around the ability to maximize 98% of the ozone and hydroxyl free radicals generated, and deliver them directly to the source of the problem. Weather it is in the water column, or waste stream, or in the air, Grease-Ox has perfected the most advanced and effective means of delivering the UV ozone.

The delivery systems designed and used to deliver the UV Ozone with free radicals is with the Digester, Floating Mixer, High Volume Floating Aerator System. This is a simple maintenance free delivery system.

The Grease-Ox system uses the leading UV ozone bulbs manufacturer to give a High Out Put UV Ozone. These high output bulbs produce up to 3 to 4 grams of ozone per bulb per hour and last up to 24 months. The bulbs and ballast are simple and easy to replace using the quick connect wire adaptors.


Eliminates grease build-up and matting
Reduces sludge build-up
Reduces lift station labor costs up to 90%
Operates in as little as 24" of water
Quiet operation - less than 50db
No moving parts - air driven
Breaks down Fats, Oil and Grease
Ozone adder if required

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