Gener-Ox™ Super-Oxygenation Process

Gener-Ox™ Super-Oxygenation process benefits are described as follows:

The initial step in the Gener-Ox™ process typically involves a Gener-Ox™ supply pump for the transfer of wastewater to the Gener-Ox™ system for treatment. The pump is generally a surface mounted pump drawing suction from a wastewater equalization tank or pressurized line. The pump will normally be sized for a maximum flow rate of approximately 10-20% of the maximum system GPM flow. The Gener-Ox™ supply pump discharge pressure will be sized accordingly to allow for up to a 25 PSIG pressure drop across the Gener-Ox™ system while allowing sufficient residual pressure to overcome the static line pressure at the point of re-injection.

The second step of the Gener-Ox™ super-oxygenation system involves a unique oxygen concentration/purification process known as Pressure Swing Adsorption or PSA. The size of the air / oxygen generation system components will be determined by certain variable factors, the most critical of which are the rate of oxygen uptake in the treated system, the elevation, peak temperatures and line pressure at the treatment site location and the time frame & distance which the super-oxygenated effluent flow must travel while maintaining positive DO values. IER's partner for the high purity oxygen generation system is Air Sep Corporation, a long standing pioneer in the development of on-site oxygen generation technology. Their unique system design results in the effective separation of the oxygen fraction of atmospheric air from other components of the air stream utilizing Pressure Swing Adsorption.. The process utilizes a proprietary synthetic zeolite resin known as molecular sieve which offers a unique feature via it's affinity for adsorbing nitrogen under high pressure conditions while allowing nitrogen to desorb or release under lower pressure conditions. The fully automated Air Sep control system manages the pressures within the twin vessels to allow for a continuous oxygen generation in one unit while nitrogen desorbs from the resin of the second unit for release back to the atmosphere. The process then switches automatically to the second of the twin units resulting in a non-interrupted oxygen generation. The unique PSA process allows the oxygen fraction of the air stream to concentrate to greater than 90% oxygen purity while continually providing the Gener-Ox™ process with a high purity on-site generated gas phase oxygen source. This gas phase oxygen supply can be introduced to the Gener-Ox™ system's contactor/saturator via an Mazzei eductor injection method or direct from the pressurized oxygen storage tank where feasible The critical final step of the Gener-Ox™ process utilizes IER's proprietary Saturator / Reactor design to effectively convert the gas phase oxygen supplied by the Air Sep system to a fully dissolved oxygen state without troublesome air bubbles. To accomplish this task, the Gener-Ox™ process utilizes a high pressure oxygen contactor/saturator constructed of 304 stainless steel for complete corrosion resistance. The saturator unit is ASME pressure rated for operation to 150 PSIG. The internal construction of the Gener-Ox™ saturator is designed to produce extremely high energy turbulence and uniform mixing so as to completely dissolve the gas phase oxygen supply into the water stream without cogenerated air bubble formation.

In odor and corrosion control applications, the Gener-Ox™ treated stream is typically designed for a 20-30% side stream of the full effluent flow rate. The super-oxygenated side stream is intended to provide a highly oxygenated side stream for subsequent mixing and dilution into the full effluent stream flow. The side stream serves to provide the dissolved oxygen source for the full conversion of the wastewater from an anaerobic H2S producing biology to a fully aerobic wastewater transport environment where sulfate reducing bacteria (SRB's) are unable to survive and soon will expire.

In many applications, BOD reduction is also a principal goal of the treatment along with traditional odor and corrosion control. In those applications, the Gener-Ox™ process is again used for the generation of an extremely high level of dissolved oxygen within the reactor/saturator vessel for subsequent transport to a pressurized line. Once transported into the pressurized line, the super-oxygenated wastewater reacts biologically to convert soluble BOD values to insoluble BOD within the pressurized r transport force main. Many factors are involved in this process which functions essentially as a pressurized aerobic digester.Generally, the longer the retention or contact time that is available the higher the rate of BOD reduction achieved. In field monitoring at various existing Gener-Ox™ installation locations, BOD reductions of up to 40% have been observed while a more typical reduction of 15-20% can be anticipated.

Another excellent application that's been proven with IER's Gener-Ox™ technology involves the retrofit of existing dissolved air floatation (DAF) systems. These retrofits result in much higher surface aeration leading to vast improvement in flocculation / removal of suspended solids and associated BOD. IER's experiences in this application have shown a potential for marked reductions in recycle rates in DAF operations. The recycle reduction benefit results in greatly increased DAF throughput flows without sacrificing performance. Lastly, customers experience significant reductions in required polymer usage due to the increased aeration surface area that results from the Gener-Ox™ micro-bubble aeration.

Hopefully, the above detailed process descriptions will result in a more complete understanding of the many benefits of IER's Gener-Ox™ Super-Oxygenation system. If we can provide assistance in chemical free odor and corrosion control, effluent BOD reduction or a possible dissolved air floatation (DAF) optimization, please don't hesitate to contact IER for further information on Gener-Ox™ process details.

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